The North East MS Therapy Centre is located in Trim, Co. Meath and is a drop in centre for people with MS. We provide a range of services in a friendly and caring environment.

Equally, we recognise that the opportunity for people with MS to interact with, and support one another, is a key element in the management of this condition. Hence, informal chats over a cup of tea are an essential part of what happens on a visit to our centre. We provide the following range of services:

Physiotherapy HBO-Oxygen Therapy
Massage Personal Exercise Routines
Reflexology Skills Development
Chiropody Advocacy Assistance
Acupuncture Peer Support

Caring for the Carers

Having a condition like MS affects not just the person, but their whole family also. Adjustments have to be made to accommodate for the changes MS can bring. A husband, wife, partner or parent may have to start doing more for their loved one, or even take on the role of a fulltime ‘carer’. At the North East Therapy Centre these people can network, share advice, swap stories, have a moan, or even a laugh.

Equally, while the person with MS is availing of some of the centre’s therapies, a carer can have some “me” time, to run errands, go to the bank, catch up with friends or just chill out!